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New Packages

New accounts to be implemented starting 2008. Accounts switched to prepaid with auto exp. date.

At FastNET, we strive to provide the fastest internet experience while keeping the prices as low as possible! We offer one package that offers a 1MB connection and 256 upload speed. We offer businesses, on the other hand, a custom package which is a pay-as-you-go package...

FTP: 1 Terabyte!

Webmail: 300 MB

Free personal folders on a 1000GB drive and a speed of 4MB/s .

Webmail with 300 Mb of storage and 50MB attachment.(Spam-free)

Games: Fast Servers

Forum: Community

Now you can battle all your friends online!

Join the fastNET community and access hundreds of topics...




New Design

FastnetOnline has got a brand-new look! Thanks to FrewatNET.


1. Generals: Zero Hour
2. World of Warcraft
3. Counter Strike: Source
4. Warcraft 3

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At Fastnet, we offer 24/7 support through forums and phone...Feel free to contact us whenever you want!

- 1000 GB of online storage
- 4MB/s transfer!


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Ground Floor – Bldg. 36, Street 63, Sector 2 – Adonis Region   Zouk Mosbeh, Lebanon